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Tips in Developing Corporate Identity

A corporate identity is a company’s personality, and this personality is reflected outwards to its clients and end users, vendors and anyone outside the company in general. It is vital for a company to have a positive image in the marketplace, for obvious reasons. Read on the find out how you can make a better corporate identity for your own company.

1. The logo and such identity features need to be simple and easy to remember. So do not make it too complicated. The only reason for a logo and catch line to exist, is for people to remember your company so do ensure these features are effective. If the logo design is too very complicated it probably will not be practical to have it put up on different places such as hoardings and note paper.

2. If you are going to be using colors, do keep in mind that you will need to consistently stick to those colors, in all your ads and print material (online as well). Select colors that stand out from each other, and make them memorable!

3. The logo needs to be simplistic, definitely as original as can be, and very very unique.

4. The corporate identity is the first impression that an outsider has about your company, so this is reason enough to put considerable effort into its design.

5. The branding elements can include logos, visiting cards, advertising materials and brochures. They would speak of the nature of your services and also create an awareness of your company.

6. Have a clear Idea of how you wish to project the company before you start designing your corporate identity.

7. Remember to have a consistency of identity through all the brands and product that your company has to offer.

8. The catch line of your company needs to speak in a nutshell, about what your company’s most important core value is.

9. Do not use too many different fonts for the logo, catch line, flyers and such. You do not want your branding material to look cluttered!

10. The MOST important aspects of the company identity include the logo, the name of the company and the catch line.

11. The 3 aspects listed above need to project a professional image, which says your company means business!

12. Items such as visiting cards, letter heads, printed and online brochures and ads; these can all help enhance the corporate identity.

13. Think visually when you are designing on print material for your company.

14. Study the corporate identities of competing agencies! Study THEIR logos, ads and brochures to get an idea of what you are up against.

15. Never ever use clip art, however tempting it may seem. It looks unprofessional and downright cheap!

16. Stick to no more than 2 colors for the entire range of logos and other branding elements.

17. Make sure your logo with accompanying text is comprehensible in all sizes.

18. Put down all contact details on print material – phone numbers, FAX numbers, web address etc.

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