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Ten Useful Logo Design Tips

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A logotype, more often referred to as simply a ‘logo’, is a visual company trademark, which is used over and over on different media, to serve as an element of the company’s identity, on different visual media. The design needs to have a special and symbolic meaning to the company and its values.

To put forward a very simple example, if your company deals with computer peripherals, you could design a logo based around the shape of a computer mouse.

You need to ensure that the logo is unique and unlike other company logos, and gives your business a unique visual identity. Use these tips to make your own unique logo!

1. The design needs to tell the viewer what your company does, in a nutshell. Try and not make it too obvious at the same time. A dentist using a tooth as a logo is simply too corny! This is where it pays to have an experienced designer work on your logo.

2. You can break the rules! The logo need NOT really speak of company values, and the client may simply want a symbol with no meaning! Although this is not common, it does happen, and we do not see anything wrong with it. What works for you, works for you!

3. Give the clients what THEY want. A designer and a client may NOT always see eye to eye on the best way out. A professional designer needs to put aside personal opinion and make a tailor made logo based on what the client wants, period!

4. Why not start the design process using a simple pen and paper? These tools are easier to use than a monitor and a mouse, so let us accept that! Use the computer to make the final design, but get your ideas right on paper to start with!

5. You would rather under promise and over deliver than to have it the other way round, especially where time is concerned. If you feel you need a week to deliver the logo, ask for ten days!

6. Don’t think of trends when designing logos. Instead, try and be as original as you possibly can.

7. Leave the color schemes to the end of the process. Keep things simple by making a monochrome design to start with. Also, do not use too many colors in the final logo – it can lead to a feeling of too much clutter into too little space.

8. Keep things appropriate‚ In other words, if you are making a logo for a lawyer, do NOT use a fun or comic design!

9. Keep it simple. The simpler the design, the easier is it for a viewer to remember it! Think of the Nike logo – you will never ever forget the tick mark will you? That’s what we mean!

10. In your initial discussion with the client, get COMPLETELY clear about the ONE feature the logo has to depict. You can never put too much into a little logo after all!

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